VoIP Providers

VoIP providers supply phone service for any type of customer with affordable monthly rates, low-cost call rates, and an assortment of features.

What are VoIP Providers?

VoIP providers supply VoIP phone service to an array of customers. There are VoIP service solutions for homes, businesses, and call centers. VoIP can also be sold on a wholesale level, or some providers can become VoIP resellers. VoIP providers offer both monthly rates and per-minute rates that are cheaper than traditional phone service providers. This comprehensive list of VoIP providers ensures you have access to variety

MyVoIPProvider.com offers you the chance to compare providers for residential, business, wholesale, call center, or mobile phone service. We have also compiled a list of VoIP providers that are no longer in business in our VoIP graveyard.

Directory of VoIP Providers

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VoIP Providers Listing



AmeraVoice, Inc., a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications company located in Wilmington, Delaware,
provides Telecommunications VoIP solutions that enable low cost
international calls globally. Our Residential and Business solutions
provide great savings for customers over the traditional telephone


The Anyuser family has a global presense that enables us to provide extremely competitive international calling rates. Global locations include, but are not limited to, Korea, Japan, Hungary, and India. Anyuser is constantly looking to expand their network to provide the most comprehensive calling network in the world.

Aspen Communication

Broadband Phone VoIP provider - offering unlimited calls to mobile phones in the Phillipines


AT&T CallVantage service is a revolutionary digital voice service based on Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP technology.


Use your telephone
and Internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Avofone
delivers reliable, high quality phone service for home and business use.


VoIP wholesale service with a minimum of US$100 deposit (SIP based)


Bellvintage VoIp telephone is a high-quality home and office phone
service that offers unlimited local. regional and long distance calling
within the united states, Canada and unlimited calling to more than 20
countries around the world.There are various local and international
calling plan available for customers at very low monthly rate.


Best 2 Call Long Distance
phone service offers a rechargeable, prepaid account through
which you can place low rate international phone calls from
any telephone or any Internet connected computer. Use it as
a regular dial-in account or use our VoIP technology and receive
an additional 5-10% off our already low rates.


Affordable Phone Card, Toll Free, Dial Around, or Call Back Phone Services for Personal, Small Business or International use. Long Distance rates at a big discount. Get your own 800 phone number today.


Communications is fast becoming
a leader in the broadband dial tone revolution.
By combining proven technologies with innovative
applications, Broadline Communications is
making the promise of high quality broadband
voice service a reality.


Differences in VoIP Providers

Beyond the calling plans and monthly rates, VoIP providers differ in multiple important areas, such as:

  • International call rates
  • Included equipment
  • Additional features
  • Technical support
  • Contracts

International Call Rates

International call rates vary depending on which country you are calling. VoIP service providers may include a limited amount of international minutes in the calling plan or have a separate plan for international calls. If you make a lot of international calls or call specific countries often, you will want to compare the international rates of your preferred VoIP providers to find the best rate.

Compare, for instance, the rates to India for three different providers:

  • Viatalk: $.011 per minute
  • Voipo: $.02 per minute
  • 8x8: $.059 per minute

Included Equipment

Residential service is easy to set up and does not require a lot of equipment—usually just an analog telephone adapter. The adapter may be loaned to you when you sign up for service, billed additionally as a set up fee, or you may be able to purchase/supply your own device (a feature called Bring Your Own Device).

IP phones are recommended for VoIP business solutions because they are specifically built for VoIP applications and they have multi-line functionality. Business VoIP providers don't often supply these phones, but many have partnered with hardware providers to sell the phones at a discount to customers. You can also usually find a great deal by searching Amazon.com or NewEgg.com if the provider doesn't sell equipment.

Additional Features

All VoIP providers include a basic set of features with their service plans, but advanced features like faxing and auto attendants will be sold for an additional fee. Check out our VoIP Call Features article to familiarize yourself with what's available.

Technical Support

Technical support is a useful resource, and you'll want to be aware of how it operates for your preferred providers. Check to see if they provide:

  • 24/7 coverage or limited availability
  • US-based centers
  • User forums
  • A variety of contact methods (chat, email, phone calls) for your convenience


A major benefit of VoIP service is that most providers don't make you sign a contract to implement service. However, VoIP providers like Phone Power sweeten the deal when you do have to sign a contract by offering a free second year when you prepay for the first year. Customer satisfaction is also guaranteed with a 30-day money back clause on most contracts.

Choosing VoIP Providers: Reviews Are Insightful

Identifying a provider that will meet your calling needs is an important step to acquiring VoIP service. The first step in your provider selection strategy is to identify which call features you will need for your system. Find providers that include as many of your desired features in the monthly rate or have the best prices on additional features.

Next, it's important to research the quality of customer service and support a provider offers. Reading through the providers' websites will explain what they offer, and reading VoIP providers' reviews will illustrate how satisfied customers are, or are not, with a service provider.

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