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IP PBX phone systems, also known as VoIP PBX phone systems, are an affordable and user-friendly way to manage business telecommunications using the Internet.


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Broadband / PC to Phone VoIP service provider (SIP) - Website available in French, English and Spanish

1 Touch Tone

Broadband VoIP service provider. (Nuvio reseller)


With the push of one button on your cell phone you can make international calls to anywhere in the world at a fraction of the regular cost

5PCom VoIP Service

VoIP Service Provider offering Residential and Small Business VoIP. Use our adaptor or BYOD, port your number for free (subject to availability), first month is free, added value pricing with commitment (optional), with no start-up fee.


808NetFone is Hawaii's digital broadband phone service that uses
any Broadband connection that enables you to make phone calls over the
Internet. The advantages that the service has over traditional phone service
are many. The first is that it works just like the phone service you are used
to; you can call anyone, anywhere at anytime.


Broadband / PC to Phone VoIP service provider


Broadband VoIP service provider

Aianna Corp

We offer global hosted services.
Residential, Enterprise, Hotel, call shops, call centers, WiFi, services.
Agents and resellers always welcome.
Direct customers.


Broadband / PC to Phone VoIP service provider (H.323)


Headquartered in New York City, Alphaphone Inc. is an
international telecommunications provider, utilizing bleeding-edge
technology to bring feature-rich and inexpensive calling to both
residential and business customers. The company was founded by a group
of telecommunications gurus with over 50 years combined experience in
communications technology and software development.


IP PBX phone systems, which stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, is a telephony system that provides calls over IP data networks. Conversations are sent as digital data packets over the network. An IP PBX system replaces expensive hardware switches of traditional PBX with a digital system that switches between IP addresses.

Features of IP PBX Phone Systems

IP PBX phone systems offer a variety of features to help you run an effective business with less hassle. IP PBX providers offer advanced telecommunication features with scalability and easy upgrades.



  • Auto attendant (automatically transfer calls to an extension without an operator)
  • Auto dialing
  • Automatic call distributor (routes calls to specific groups)
  • Automatic ring back
  • Call logging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call park (put caller on hold and continue call from another phone)
  • Cell phone integration
  • Conference call
  • Custom greetings
  • E911 services
  • Extension dialing
  • Hunt groups (direct multiple calls from 1 line)
  • Interactive voice response
  • Music on hold
  • Remote access
  • Voicemail and voicemail-to-email
  • Paging and intercom

How IP PBX Phone Systems Work

IP PBX phone systems have at least one VoIP phone, an IP PBX server, and occasionally a VoIP gateway.

In addition, it is a large phone system in which one phone line can split into multiple extensions to handle multiple calls.

The IP PBX server is very much like a proxy server because there are SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) clients, which can be softphones or physical phones, that register with the IP PBX server. When the SIP clients want to make a call, they transmit signals to the IP PBX to establish a connection.

The IP PBX server holds a directory of users and their respective SIP addresses so that it can connect internal calls or route external calls through a VoIP gateway. A VoIP gateway connects a IP PBX to traditional telephone networks by converting analog ports into digital ones.

If you do not want to replace your current phone system, then the IP PBX can connect to traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines through a gateway.

Benefits of IP PBX Phone Systems

There are many advantages to IP PBX phone systems over a hosted PBX system or a legacy PBX, even though the initial expenditures for IP PBX phone systems can be significantly greater.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

No separate wiring is needed to set up an IP PBX phone system, which uses a computer network port to link hardware phones if you do not choose to install software. If you decide to use softphones instead of hardware-based phones, IP PBX providers will just provide software for you to install on the computer. If you need to add more extensions later on, it is very simple because the installations don’t require any wiring.

If IP PBX providers are setting up an IP PBX phone system in a new office without any phone wiring, you will save a lot of money because IP PBX providers only need to set up a computer network.

Also, users can easily plug their phones anywhere in the office and keep their existing phone numbers. All users need to do is to plug the phone into an Ethernet port. Employees can easily divert any type of call due to SIP protocol characteristics.

When it comes to fixing technical issues with the IP PBX phone system, it is easy for any user to troubleshoot and resolve the problem because of the IP PBX’s web-based interface.

User Friendly

IP PBX phone systems are easy to use because of their customizable web-based configuration interfaces. In addition, if your IP PBX phone system involves the use of software-based phones, then it is even easier than using traditional phones. With traditional phones, users occasionally have difficulty using advanced phone features, like conferencing or call logging.

Users can easily control inbound and outbound call information with a reporting feature that stores data on servers. This allows for greater reporting of call costs and call traffic.


To include additional phone lines or extensions for your IP PBX phone system, it requires only adding a new account on the system. This is unlike traditional phone systems, which need expensive hardware upgrades or phone system replacements.

Cost Effective

Compared to a traditional phone system, an IP PBX phone system offers free local calls, in addition to inexpensive long distance and international phone calls. There are also more features available for affordable prices because it is easy for developers to add or improve current features.

Because phone calls are managed on the computer, it is easy to increase employee productivity and enhance customer service. For instance, if a customer inquires about a previous transaction, the employee can pull up the record to verify and take appropriate action. As a result, this decreases the amount of time spent per caller.

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