Google still on track for its own cellphone?

19 September 2007

Google is still developing its own cellphone for release within the next few months, claim
industry connections at Taiwan's cellphone manufacturers. In spite of
reports that the search engine creator was focusing only on its own operating system,
the sources allege that HTC has still been tapped to produce a handset
for Google and that the primary issue is the chipset for cellular Internet access,
which may delay the phone's release depending on Google's final choice.
While the company has so far planned to use a Texas Instruments EDGE
chipset that would let it release a cellphone before the end of the
year, the company has been contemplating a 3G chipset from Qualcomm
that would offer much faster speeds. This could push back a release to
early 2008 through licensing and patent issues, the insiders say.

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