Truphone Announces New Gateway for Bridging Calls to the PSTN

07 June 2007

Mobile VoIP provider Truphone announced yesterday that it has successfully ported FreeSWITCHs opensource telephony application code to TelcoBridges hardware platform tofulfill its need for a media gateway which can bridge VoIP callsbetween the Internet and the Public Switched Telephone Network.

Truphones SIP-based mobile VoIP service is delivered via WiFi. The development of a PSTN media gateway is key addition to its service because calls initiated on Truphones IPnetwork can now be bridged to the PSTN. That means users of Truphonesmobile VoIP service can make calls to traditional land lines and viceversa. Calls originating from the PSTN are transcoded from G.711 to theAMR voice codec and bridged to IP.

The gateway uses SIP signaling toestablish and tear down the VoIP connections on the IP network and SS7signaling to initiate and release calls on theTDM Truphone selected TelcoBridges enabling technologies to build the carrier-grade PSTN media gatewaythey need, explained Gaetan Campeau, president, founder and EVP ofsales for TelcoBridges Inc., in a press release. After careful studyof the available options, it was TelcoBridges innovative technologiesand carrier-grade architecture, coupled with FreeSWITCHs open sourcetelephony applications that were chosen to realize this key portion oftheir network.


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