Click to Call VoIP And The Consequences For Mobile Phones

28 February 2008

The landscape of mobile phones is changing. As more and more people get
connected to mobile broadband, Internet features are drawing increasing
interest from cell phone consumers. One of the areas which is seeing
rapid development is VoIP technology. VoIP connects calls through the
Internet and allows for low-cost international and long-distance
calling, a feature that many people seek from their cell phones. Within
the VoIP sector, one of the biggest areas of development is
click-to-call widgets.

What is a click-to-call widget?

This is a button that you can place on a website or social
networking profile in order to facilitate phone calls. As a site
viewer, you would see a button on the screen that literally said
something like “click to call me”. Clicking on this button, your
computer would connect you via voice to the computer that the widget
belongs to. Your phones would ring and you would be able to speak to
one another as though this was a typical voice call.

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