25 VoIP Features That Make Computer Calling Irresistable

01 April 2008

VoIP calling is
on the rise. It used to be that Skype was the only service that people
were using to place low-cost or no-cost international calls through
their computers. But these days there are dozens of providers that can
connect you to others using phones that are routed through the
Internet. As mobile broadband gets increasingly popular, VoIP is
starting to find a new platform on the mobile phone. And as this
industry grows, providers need to compete with each other to offer the
best calling features at the lowest cost.

In a competitive market like this one, the consumer is able to
demand the services that he or she wants from the phone company. Here
are the top 25 VoIP calling features that you should make sure are
included in your VoIP calling plan:

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