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- VoIP phone provider ranking methodology or how do we calulate the rankings -

Each VoIP provider is evaluated according to their published international calling rates, and obviously we can only rank VoIP providers already included in our database. As of mid October 2005 we are in a position to compare 155 VoIP providers with all their current international call rates. This database will grow on a monthly basis to include new VoIP service providers.

The calculations are unbiased and easy to verify and anybody with sufficient time will be able to cross check our results. This VoIP ranking does not favor any particular VoIP phone company and is completely transparent.

Methodology or how we calculate the VoIP Ranking list:

Individual country ranking: 

First the individual country ranking of each VoIP provider to each destination in the world is determined. Currently the database includes 565
destinations with +/- 90000 individual call rates (October 2005). Every VoIP provider (unless they are resellers) have their own list of destinations. Their rate schedules are formatted and trimmed to suite our database.

Summary of country rankings

The individual country ranking of each provider to each destination is summarized and then divided by the total number of destinations listed for each VoIP provider in the database.

The result is a figure between 1 and the number of VoIP providers being calculated.

Theorectically if a provider had a summarized result of 1.0, it would mean that this particular VoIP provider ranks number 1 (cheapest) to each destination in the world. A provider with a result of 50 would indicate that on average this VoIP provider ranks 50th to each destination in the world.

Ranking of results

The VoIP providers are then ranked according to their summarized results. The lower the figure the cheaper the provider.

The VoIP Provider - VoIP Top 100 Ranking© will be updated as new rates or VoIP providers are added to our database.

Next release of the My VoIP Provider - VoIP Top100 Ranking©

In the next release of our My VoIP Provider - VoIP Top 100 Ranking© we will include a weighting of each destination. Currently each destination carries the same weight, but we do recognize that rates to the US, Germany, UK or Japan are far more competitive and should be rated higher than Vanatu, Tonga, East Timor or other tiny destinations with very low voice traffic volumes. Some VoIP providers have excellent rates to unknown destinations and currently this will boost their ranking. This does not give a true reflection of their overall pricng structure.

This is an ongoing project and we welcome and highly appreciate any comments or recommendations.

Please note: This is a beta version of our software and we are still testing for possible errors and improvements.

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