Business VoIP Comparison

Business VoIP plans are highly customizable for businesses of all types and sizes. All providers offer cheap prices and plentiful business-ready features, but some providers might suit your company better than others.

To speed up the process of choosing a business VoIP plan that’s best fitted for your company’s needs, we've sampled a selection of business VoIP providers to help you find the best plan fast.

Featured Business Provider
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate*
Small Business VoIP Phone Systems
  • 40+ Built-in Features
  • In-house Customer and Tech Support
  • Reliability of the Vonage Cloud
voip provider- jive Jive - Unified Communications
  • 24/7 US Support
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling
RingCentral VoIP Cloud Powered Business Phone System
  • No cost for activation
  • Unlimited faxing, SMS and calls
  • 30 Days of Free Service
CorvisaCloud Premium Business Phone System
  • 50+ Cloud Features
  • Carrier-Grade Network
  • Quality of Service (QoS) & Support SLAs
Broadvoice Cloud PBX Business Phone System
  • Unlimited Calling (US and Canada)
  • US Based Support 7-Days-a-Week
  • 30-day money back guarantee
MITEL MiCloud Business
  • Three Months Free Service
  • Over 60 million end users globally
  • Unlimited calling US and Canada
Virtual Office - Introductory Price Promotion
  • #1 Market Leader Award
  • Unlimited Calling (US and Canada)
  • Includes softphone & mobile app
Onsip The Smartest Cloud Phone System
  • Over 40 Features, Includes Free Video CRM
  • Use Any Bandwidth and Phones
  • Salesforce AppExchange Partner
Business Hosted VoIP Alliance
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • 25 minute easy setup
  • Daily call report
VoIP Studio VoIP Provider
  • A hosted IP PBX
  • Versatile and inexpensive
  • Business USA

Business VoIP Plans

Here are some of the nitty gritty facts and features of some of our favorite providers.


Jive is a popular business provider with a wide variety of plans for customers with different needs.

Larger companies benefit the most with Jive's Enterprise Plan. This plan includes bulk-priced extensions for large corporations. Jive also offers plans for the public sector. These plans are unique in that they are designed specifically for governmental and public groups. Jive estimates that this plan costs about $13/user.

Finally, Jive offers a range of small business VoIP solutions so that you can find a good business plan based on your office size:

  • $29.95/month/user for 1-4 users.
  • $25.95/month/user for 5-9 users.
  • $23.95/month/user for 10-24 users.
  • $21.95/month/user for 25-49 users.
  • $19.95/month/user for 50+ users.


Nextiva is a business VoIP provider with a selection of very affordable plans for business big and small. Smaller businesses enjoy the useful Office Pro plan for $19.95/month per user, whereas larger companies prefer the Office Enterprise plan for $34.95/month per user.

The difference between the plans is in the amount of features each includes. With the Office Pro plan, you will get lots of standard features like an auto-attendant and a voicemail service, while with the Office Enterprise plan, you can get all of the basic features of the Office Pro plan, plus a selection of more advanced features like calling for remote offices and virtual extensions.

Nextiva also has plans for:

  • Call centers: There is a Pro and an Enterprise call center solution, but Nextiva doesn’t offer prices on their website.
  • SIP trunking: SIP trunking metered plans start at $14.95/month and unmetered plans start at $24.95/month.
  • Faxing: Internet faxing plans start at $4.95/month for 500 pages, $12.95 for 1000 pages. and $29.95/month for 3000 pages.
  • Connecting services: Have calls connected to you through Nextiva at remote locations. 100 minutes of connecting service for $8.95/month, 500 minutes for $19.95/month, and an unlimited amount of minutes for $69.95/month.
You can also buy IP phones and accessories through Nextiva.


Vocalocity offers three main plans: the Unlimited Extensions, the Metered Extension plan, and the Virtual Extensions plan.

The Unlimited and Metered Extension plans share a lot of the same features, including call forwarding, voicemail to email, and call screening. Their difference is in calling minutes. The Unlimited Extensions plan offers unlimited calling for $39.99/month per extension. The Metered Extension plan costs $14.99/month per extension plus $0.03/minute of calling.

The Virtual PBX Extension plan costs $14.99/month per user. The Virtual PBX Extension plan is a virtual PBX (also known as a cloud PBX) system that allows you to access your PBX system from any location because the PBX system is hosted entirely on the Internet. The minimum order for a Virtual PBX Extension plan is one unlimited extension and one company phone number. This means that the Virtual PBX Extension plan cannot be bought by itself, but must be bought in conjunction with another Vocalocity plan.

You can also buy phones, routers, and other IP accessories through Vocalocity.


RingCentral also has a large selection of different plans that you could sort through in order to find the best combination of prices and features to suit your needs:

RingCentral Office plans are complete phone systems that include lots of features like a cloud PBX system and unlimited extensions:

  • $39.99/month/user for 1 user.
  • $29.99/month/user for 2-19 users.
  • $21.99/month/user for 20-99 users.
  • $19.99/month/user for 100+ users.

RingCentral Professional plans are not full phone systems. Rather, you choose plans based on the number of minutes that you want to use. These plans don’t have all of the same features as the Office plans:

  • The Pro plan is $9.99/month for 300 minutes.
  • The ProPlus plan is $19.99/month (marked down from $24.99) for 1000 minutes.
  • The ProBusiness plan is $29.99/month for unlimited minutes (and 1000 toll-free minutes).

You can add extra extensions to any of these plans for $2.99/month.

RingCentral also has a series of faxing plans:

  • Fax 500 is $7.99/month for 500 pages.
  • Fax 1000 is $19.99/month for 1000 pages.
  • Fax 2500 is $49.99/month for 2500 pages.
  • Fax ProUnlimited is $39.99/month for an unlimited number of faxes.


8x8 is a business VoIP service with an especially wide variety of VoIP plans. This means that you can choose a sampling of plans and products with 8x8 to build your ideal plan:

  • The Unlimited Extension plan costs $29.99/month/extension (special mark down from $39.99).
  • The Metered Extension plan costs $34.99/month/extension for 250 minutes of calling.
  • The Global Extension plan costs $79.99/month/extension. This is an unlimited plan.
  • The Virtual Office IP Phone Annual costs $350/year/extension.
  • The Unlimited Extension Pro plan costs $49.99/month/extension (special mark down from $64.99).
  • The Metered Extension Pro plan costs $49.99/month/extension for 250 minutes.
  • The Global Extension Pro plan costs$104.99/month/extension.

All 8x8 plans require a one-time fee of $39.99 when you activate your service.

8x8 is particularly interesting for the wide range of international calling that is included in their international plans like the Global Extension plan. If you need to do a lot of international calling, a plan with 8x8 may be a very good choice for you.

The “Pro” plans are distinct from the other plans in that they include added features of call recording, conferencing, and Internet faxing.

8x8 also has separate plans available for video conferencing, IP faxing, and voice conferencing. You can buy some of these services separately so that you can mix and match different plans. You can also buy IP equipment through 8x8.


OnSIP is a very popular service for businesses. It can be a slightly more expensive service, but customers are generally very happy with their service with OnSIP.

You can choose from a variety of plans with OnSIP:

  • $39.95/month for 5+employees.
  • $99.95/month for 15+ employees.
  • $195.50/month for 50+ employees.

OnSIP is one of the few service providers that doesn’t charge a per user fee. Rather, you pay your per month fee, and after that you pay a per minute cost for calling. Calling with OnSIP costs $0.029/minute for inbound and outbound calls to a selection of area codes, and $0.039/minute for inbound toll-free calls.

You can also get a unique phone number with OnSIP for an initial fee of $7 and a $2/month fee after that.

You can also choose a selection of add-on features for your OnSIP plan like a voicemail box, an auto attendant, and conferencing features. Each add-on feature has its own extra cost.