we have just launched a new voip reselling application: BestVoipReselling

This is a white label and you make the promotion under your own name.
We provide you with very cheap termination rates.
You can create as many customers as you like.
You create the ratelist for each of your customers as you please with the profit margin you choose.
You can insert an exception (action) rate for one or more destinations to be more competitive or reward good customers.
Your customers can use a softphone with YOUR logo in it to make their calls.
Your own customers can also be resellers themselves. Of course you get your share of the profit when their customers start making calls. Application is very simple and user friendly.
You get specified statistics on your earnings.

We hope to see you soon on BestVoipReselling

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Hello I want to know if you

Hello I want to know if you are part of the Betamax

Please HELP

Pay 1000 euros in www.bestvoipreselling.com. Then my account was disabled. In www.voipinfocenter.com displays the message: "Error unspecified". Two weeks of communication with the service tech support yielded nothing. Bestvoipreselling why not solve the problem quickly?