Error 33

Honestly I don't know know happend. Its nearly one week that I can not use my account because of this error 33. I just charched my account with 50 euro and I can' t make calls. I even wrote to poivy ( one of the Betamax labels) customer service but nobody replied me. Can anybody give me an idea of what is going on & if this will last forever with my account. Thank You
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I'm us reseller. But anytime

I'm us reseller. But anytime I transfered money to my customer and they have problem with error 33. I wroten them many many letter but nobody replied me too

I created a brand new

I created a brand new account, deposited 10 euro from also a brandnew bank account. I now have 10 euros on my voipcheap account and I'm not able to do anything. Freedays are ticking down. I emailed twice, no response. I called and was tolled the only accept mail. Then I faxed. Never got an answer or my money back. Bottomline: FRAUD simple as that.