Securing VoIP Networks: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Countermeasures (Paperback)

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Peter Thermos and Ari Takanen, two leading experts in VoIP world, are the authors for "Securing VoIP Networks". Based on their real life problems and proven solutions, they compiled and published this book on how to anticipate threats and vulnerability issues with VoIP networks. Drawing from their field experience, the authors addressed VoIP security issues from many different perspective ranging from network implementers, managers, and security specialists.

Many common VoIP Networks threats identified are eavesdropping, unauthorized access, denial of service, masquearding, and system configuration. The authors discussed steps on how to counter measure or stop these threats. They also describe the advantages and tradeoffs associated with protection mechanisms built into SIP, SRTP, and other VoIP protocols; and review key management solutions such as MIKEY and ZRTP. Next, they present a complete security framework for enterprise VoIP networks, and provide detailed architectural guidance for both service providers and enterprise users.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. VoIP Architectures and Protocols
  • 3. Threats and Attacks
  • 4. VoIP Vulnerabilites
  • 5. Signaling Protection Mechanisms
  • 6. Media Protection Mechanisms
  • 7. Key Management Mechanisms
  • 8. VoIP and Network Security Controls
  • 9. A Security Framework for Enterprise VoIP Networks
  • 10. Provider Architectures and Security
  • 11. Enterprise Architectures and Security

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