Introduction to IP Telephony

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Editor Review

If you are on the fence to switch over to VoIP, this is a great book to do your research and switch over. This books gives you an overview of different types of VoIP systems used by business owners and residential users. IP PBX, IP Centrex and Internet Telephone Systems are some of the fundamental topics covered.

You will learn how to setup VoIP systems using voip adapters through broadband internet connection. Discover what equipment and services choices that suit your need without blowing out your monthly budget.

This book covers the following topics

  • The different types of IP Telephony systems
  • The processes used to setup and control IP telephony service
  • How to connect standard telephones through data networks
  • The different types of services and their typical costs
  • Some of the hidden costs of IP Telephony
  • What choices you have and how they can effect your service quality
  • Advanced telephone features that are only possible through IP Telephony
  • Functional parts of VoIP systems

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