VoIP Handbook: Applications, Technologies, Reliability, and Security (Hardcover)

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The number of VoIP Users has reached over 38 million word wide and still growing exponentially. With VoIP phone, no where is too far nor too expensive. You could live in Japan and call friends and family in United states, only paying about the same amount of your traditional carrier charges for long distance.

With this cost saving benefits, it would be wise to learn more about VoIP to optimize your call capacity. "VoIP Handbook" gives you a step-by-step overview to evaluate VoIP performance before commiting to VoIP Network.

It describes in details on the challenges and benefits for call conferencing.

Detailed explanation on design and engineering issues such VoIP traffic, QoS requirements, and VoIP flow

As this promising techno logy’s popularity increases, new demands for improved quality, reduced cost, and seamless operation will only increase. Edited by preeminent wireless communications experts Ahson and Illyas, the VoIP Handbook guides you to successful deployment.

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