Worlds most powerful speech codec

With the global VoIP market slated to touch $40 billion by 2015, Chazz Studios, an Indian startup has developed a speech codec capable of offering a 50 to 1 compression ratio as against the present industry standard of 10 to 1.

This technology is a market differentiator as it will allow VoIP providers to pack almost 6 times more data with the available infrastructure. In these times of limited bandwidth, and almost all VoIP companies struggling to make profits, this should be a game changer to the early adopters since such technology will soon become the next industry standard.

With the capability to operate on mobile devices, the company also sees a vast potential in other voice transmission applications like cellular telephony.

Audio samples at h ttp://

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ChazzStudios,What kind of

ChazzStudios, What kind of work did it take to develop this codec?