whoch voip services get fully residential

I have categorized VoIP services into different types based on the nature of the calls, the equipment needed and where they can be used. whoch has for long been one service restricted to being somewhat PC-dependent and web-based, and wasn't even considered by people wanting a replacement for the landline.

whoch has crossed categories and is now also a fully residential VoIP services. This means that you can use whoch at home as a replacement for your PSTN phone service without being 'tied' to a computer or mobile device. Just like other residential VoIP services, you just need to plug your normal home phone and your ADSL Internet line to the ATA (phone adapter) that whoch offers and you can make calls worldwide. The ATA offered is the FREETALK Connect•Me Home Phone Adapter for whoch. You can also have a DECT phone, the GE 31591 DECT phone for whoch, that you can use without an adapter, since being an IP phone, it's with ATA functionality.

For the time being, online the US and Canada will be served, and the quick calculations I have made showed me that whoch's prices are finally not more advantageous than most other prominent residential VoIP services. This of course depends on the use you will make of the service and of the plan you choose. So, for more details on the plans and prices, have a look at whoch's official blog for the launch of this service.

Update: whoch's PR contacted me and wants the new service to be called a 'complement' rather than a 'replacement' for the PSTN service, because 911 service calls cannot be made via whoch's voip services.

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