KakaoTalk Stirs the Pot in South Korea

South Korean VoIP Company Challenges Cellular Carriers' Infrastructure and Profit Margins

Ethiopian Ban on VoIP Not Real?

Last week we posted a blog about a Skype and VoIP service ban in Ethiopia that had been reported numerous times throughout the VoIPosphere. This week, a spokesman from the Ethiopian government has made a statement to the contrary.

Will the Bell Toll for MetroPCS in 2013?

Banking on LTE for the Long Haul

Ethiopia Criminalizing Skype: One Way to Keep the Cat in the Bag

The Ethiopian government is flexing its censorship muscle in a major way. On May 24th, VoIP services became illegal in Ethiopia (Reporters Without Borders).

The Emerging Mobile VoIP

VoIP has been around since the turn of the century. The protocol signified a shift in telecommunication, which happens over and over again as our technology progresses (think of the 20th century).

FCC compliments Cablevision on improving their connection speed

FCC to Cablevision: "Good Job Bro" - that was the headline I wanted. But it helps to have headlines that make sense; at least, that's what my editor says.

Republic Wireless: Let's Overreact

Republic Wireless is a new calling service released by It'll give you unlimited voice, text, and internet access for $19 a month – without a contract.


AT&T new iPhone App!

AT&T releases international calling app for iPhone

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

AT&T Launches iPhone app based on 8x8 platform.

App may be prematurely released.

First branded VoIP iPhone calling product from AT&T.

3 years ago, AT&T had banned VoIP.

Skype VoIP Review

Skype is a free VoIP service for instant messaging, audio chat, video chat, and conferencing. There are also paid versions of Skype, by which users can contact non-Skype numbers and phones.

Like all VoIP, Skype is very dependent on users' Internet connections. In conference calls, lag can cause bursts of sound, sound interruption, call drops, etc.

Department of Justice Sues AT&T over merger

The Department of Justice has announced that it will sue AT&T over the company's proposed merger with T-Mobile.

Read about AT&T getting sued on

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