SIP Trunking – What Are You Waiting For?

There is very substantial savings to be had in replacing traditional analog and digital PRI lines with SIP trunking.  IP-based communications is dramatically less expensive for the provider to deliver than traditional telephone circuits and much of the savings is passed on to the customer.   

Completely Revamp your Business Finances By Choosing VoIP Phone Service

When businesses change to VoIP phone systems, they get more than a little pocket change in return.

My VoIP Provider on Facebook's New VoIP App

Facebook phone calls--it’s not just for Canada anymore. Facebook has just launched its own version of VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) calling, which is technology allowing free calls from phones or computers to other phones and computers. In Facebook’s case, these calls are made via their Facebook Messenger app.

Cloud Call Center Solutions: Presence and Power for Business Outreach

Guest Blog by Justin Stoltzfus

10 Best VoIP Accessories for Holiday Business Shoppers

By: Nathan Miloszewski | Communications Manager | VoIP Supply

I know what you’re thinking. Why would someone want to buy VoIP accessories for the holidays? Those are boring gifts, right?

Hurricane Sandy and Your VoIP Service

With all of the damage across the East coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it’s no great surprise that some people have been having trouble with their other utility services, including their VoIP services.

Recent survey trends and VoIP: How you will start to see VoIP everywhere you look

Recent polls from American and European markets may mean good things for VoIP service providers.

Plingm's New App for Free International Calling through Facebook and LinkedIn

On Monday October 15, Tech2 announced that Plingm, a Swedish VoIP service provider, has released an app to enable free global calling through Facebook and LinkedIn.

First Fixes Available for Skype IM Bug: No More Mixed Messages

Skype was sadly afflicted with a software hiccup recently that caused IMs between contacts to get mixed. The bug only triggered if the Skype client crashed during an IM session, and upon rebooting the last message typed or sent was delivered to an unintended contact.

Skype, Yammer, & Touch Interface Integrated in New Version of Microsoft Office: Welcome to Your Modern Office!

The newest version of Microsoft Office was premiered on Monday. It will now store documents to the Microsoft cloud SkyDrive, integrates VoIP functionality with the recently acquired Skype, and connects business partners socially with Yammer.

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