Listing of free VoIP softphone applications

A softphone lets you access your VoIP service on any Internet-connected device. For a general overview of softphone applications we have categorized a list of a view that are available

The table is separated into applications that are freely configured for any provider and those that are linked to a particular VoIP service provider. For an extensive list of available softphone applications please refer to www.voip-info-org.

In addition we have listed a few instant messaging apps that are also capable of Voice over IP.

Business VoIP providers that offer softphones with their service

Vonage Business Solutions


Brief description


Free choice of provider

X-Lite 3.0
Free Client, Good features
Eyebeam X-Lite Pro -with video feature - not free
Global IP Free Client, Many features PC Phone
SJPhone Beta test version -free
SIPPS Encypted, Instant messaging
SNOM 360 Emulation of the Snom 360 Hardware for WIN SNOM
MyJabber With Jabber messaging service
SipEyePhone Easy to configure, very reliable eyepmedia
Firefly Softphone Messaging Firefly with low bandwidth requirements firefly

Twinkle Softphone

SIP Softphone for Linux Twinkle Softphone
Openzoep VoIP and IM engine based on SIP Openzoep
PhonerLite Free SIP Softphone, easy to use PhonerLite
Express talk Supports 4 lines,call transfer, Address book Express Talk

Pre-configured clients


SIP softphone powered by IPTV with PC to PC,
PC to landline, free fax and real time video calling

Babble Messaging
Stanaphone Pre-configured Stanaphone
MPQ Phone Pre-configured, Video conferencing Cubus
Pulver Communicator FWD Client with instant messaging FWD
Skype Pre-configured Skype
click4netphone Pre-configured
DingoTel Pre-configured DingoTel
PC2Call Pre-configured PC2Call
Wengophone 2.0
Compatible to MSN, Jabber, AOL, Yahoo
Yahoo Voice IM and now with soft phone, great rates Yahoo Voice
Lycos Phone See Globe7
MondoTalk Pre-configured Mondotalk
Gootec Pre-configured Gootec
Gizmo Project Good voice quality,Conference rooms, complete Gizmo Project

Messenger with VoIP

AIM Instant messaging AOL
ICQ Phone Instant messaging
MSN Instant messaging Microsoft
Google Talk Instant messaging Google Talk

IP Calls

Teamspeak Professional conference software goTeamSpeak
Ventrilo Multiplatform conference software Ventrilo
VoIPerized Conference software VOIPerized

Residential VoIP providers that offer softphones with their service

VoIPo - $149 for 2 years of phone service
ITP - Residential Compare Table