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4 Residential VoIP providers better than Betamax

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Betamax VoIP Services

List of Betamax VoIP services

Here is a list of services we are aware of; if you come across others, please send us an e-mail via our contact page.

These services provide a soft phone to use on your MS Windows PC, but also work with SIP devices and other softphones (as of May 3, there are instructions for configuring SIP devices on all of the websites):

  • www.internetcalls.com
  • www.netappel.com
  • www.poivy.com
  • www.sparvoip.de
  • www.voipbuster.com
  • www.voipcheap.com
  • www.voipcheap.co.uk (careful, different "free" list from voipcheap.com, and rates listed in Sterling Pence instead of Euro Cents!)
  • www.voipdiscount.com
  • www.voipstunt.com
  • www.freecall.com (launched 29 June 2006)
  • www.voiparound.com (launched 29 June 2006) - redirects to www.freecall.com now
  • www.lowratevoip.com
  • www.justvoip.com (launched 15 March 2007)

Some of these services are also available with a different top-level domain, i.e. netappel.com is also available as netappel.fr, voipstunt.com is also available as voipstunt.de, etc.

The following service is geared specifically towards users of SIP devices and does NOT provide a softphone. It does require an MS Windows program though to register for the service. It will work with standard SIP softphones such as Firefly or X-Lite.

  • www.sipdiscount.com

The following service requires an Internet Connection, a Web Browser, and a normal telephone; it is a web-activated callback service rather than a normal VoIP service (although it is probably
implemented internally by VoIP):

  • www.webcalldirect.com
NEW - Early September 2006 Betamax lauched their first wholesale VoIP service. This service is targeted at the business user with a minimum call volume of 5000 minutes per month. No free service here, but still they offer excellent rates to both landline and mobile destinations.
  • www.voicetrading.com

List of all current known Betamax VoIP domains

All of these domains are registered to Betamax and maybe in future more VoIP services will be launched. Please let us know of any other domain registered to Betamax.

1. www.12voip.com
2. www.cheapvoip.biz
3. www.freecall.com
4. www.internetcalls.com
5. www.internetcalls.net
6. www.poivy.com
7. www.sipbuster.com
8. www.sipbusters.com
9. www.sipfoon.com
10. www.spk2.com
11. www.spk2.net
12. www.telbo.com
13. www.voicebuster.com
14. www.voicebuster.net
15. www.voicebusters.com
16. www.voicebusters.net
17. www.voiparound.com
18. www.voipbuster.com
19. www.voipcracker.com
20. www.voipcracker.net
21. www.voipdiscount.biz">www.voipdiscount.biz
22. www.voipdiscount.info
23. www.voipdiscount.net
24. www.voipdiscount.org
25. www.webcall.biz
26. www.keenvoip.com
27. www.librevoip.com
28. www.lightvoip.com
29. www.loginvoip.com
30. www.lowratesvoip.com
31. www.lowratevoip.com
32. www.skp2.com
33. www.skp2.net
34. www.skypsite.com
35. www.voipappel.com
36. www.voipbarato.com
37. www.voipdescuento.com
38. www.voipgigant.com
39. www.voipgigante.com
40. www.voipshark.com
41. www.voipskyp.com
42. www.voipsmasher.com
43. www.voipsmasher.net
44. www.webcalldirect.com
45. www.webcalldirekt.com
46. www.webdirectcalls.com
47. www.yourvoipnumber.com